Initernational Humanitarian initiative

Provides educational support to college students

Educational support to Member Scholars Scholarship & Fellowship Programs.


Health and Education Consultants

Health Care Incentives
Affordable Health Insurance for students.

United States Capital Diaspora Scholar's Civic Outreach

Work force and Professional Placement

We consider all the drivers of change -we'll motivate and support you to make the change.

Our Mission

Fostering mutual understanding and tolerance among Nations, prevent diseases and wars by promoting healthy food habits, inter-continental dialogue, bringing people face to face to dialogue through peace and conflict resolution mechanisms, developing talents through mentoring and networking. Promoting healthy lifestyle, Educational exchange programs, advancing the culture of dialogue and inclusivity. Mentoring youths in colleges around the world by inculcating leadership values, one handshake at a time. We assist immigrants with pro bono legal counsel and aid.


Capacity Building

Encouraging all actions toward sustainable developments and mobilizes communities, college students, seniors, and disabled immigrant to become more independent, self-subsistent and reliant.

serving our communities

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